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Thanks again for allowing us to test your product. Here at the Berkeley East Bay Humane Society we use the Pet Calming CD regularly.  When we first acquired the CD, we had a Hound with separation anxiety.  She would bay loudly nearly all day.  My office is right next to the kennels, making it difficult to concenterate.  We played the CD and the results were nearly instantaneous!  In fact, some potential adopters
mentioned that she was so relaxed when they approached her kennel, she didn't even get up and approach them, which was very unusual for her.  I have recommended your product to several large county Animal Controls.  We will continue to use the CD; it is extremely easy to use and the animals (and humans) in the shelter environment benefit greatly from it.
Mary Giuffrida
Canine Program Coordinator
Berkeley East Bay Humane Society
Berkeley, CA

CD Review
From the autumn 06 issue of Species Link

The Priceless Pet CD gives dogs or cats the silent treatment to improved health. The manufacturer guarantees that by using this CD, you can restore calm and health in cats and dogs by r apidly reducing fear, grief, anger and trauma. Another claim is to reduce or eliminate allergies , arthritis, joint pain, inflammatory bowel disease, and incontinence .

Recorded on the CD are unique patterns of frequencies or tones designed to correct the meridian and chakra disturbances of negative emotional reactions and some common physical problems of dogs and cats (does not affect humans). There is no audible sound.

When I received the CD for review, I wondered how I could test for results, since my dog, Belinda, and cat, Sherman didn't seem to have any of the problems that the CD claimed to handle. However, Belinda obliged by developing a fear of our earth-shaking thunderstorms.

When we first experienced thunder which shook our house in Prescott , Arizona , Belinda jumped. I explained that it was the Thunder Beings announcing that they were bringing us rain. She calmed down immediately and had no further problem with the frequent thunder. Then we were outside one afternoon when colossal thunder claps cracked the airwaves. Belinda's tolerance levels were breached. After that, Belinda trembled, cowered, and ran under my legs and desk for shelter during thunderstorms.

I could have worked with her using flower essences, healing, or counseling. However, her symptoms arrived just in time for our Priceless Pet CD test. So, I played the silent CD as Belinda and Sherman slept. When the thunder began, Belinda looked up, but did not run under my legs and tremble as before. I played the CD the next day and then forgot to play it because Belinda no longer reacted in fear to thunder.

I also played it after this test and review. Sherman had nothing to comment about it. Belinda felt its calming influence. I also felt the frequencies helped me with my arthritis, although I know you said that it does not affect humans. I'm sure some of our readers will check it out and get it for their animal friends.

Thank you!
Penelope Smith
A website dedicated to human-animal communication.

Thank you for the use of the Priceless Pet CD. I have installed it as instructed at our Lycoming County SPCA animal shelter. One of the issues we have in an animal shelter is the constant barking of the dogs, jumping and twirling, and agitated pacing in the kennels. With the cats, we have problems with the spread of a virus that causes upper respiratory infections.

The first day the Priceless Pet CD was in operation, the staff noticed a decrease in barking. The dogs appeared to be calmed. After three days, I turned the CD off. One of my staff members called me at home to ask me if I had turned it off because the dogs were back to barking and jumping. The next day I did turn it back on and did notice that the dogs were once again calmer.

As we receive new dogs every day, it is sometimes difficult to assess the effect of the CD on the dogs because a new dog with barking behavior will often stimulate the other dogs. I would hazard a guess that it takes some time, perhaps a day, for the new dogs to experience any benefits.

The cats are more difficult to assess. Our turnover in the cat population is very high in the summer and fall. As the cooler weather approaches, we will be able to keep cats longer. My hope is that the calming affect of the Priceless Pet CD will reduce their stress level and subsequently, reducing their susceptibility to the upper respiratory virus.

Thank you for the opportunity to test your product.

Victoria Stryker
Executive Director
Lycoming County SPCA

I am a Senior Inspector and the Manager of the Garden Route SPCA in George, South Africa. I was introduced to your cd by Jonathan Roberts. Jonathan explained how the cd works and how it could be beneficial to animals in various ways. I decided to try it out in our kennel facility since, any aid in relieving stress would greatly improve the situation for the animals in our care. I am always trying to find new ways to assist the animals in our care, to make their stay with us as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Many of these animals come from terrible situations and suffer from a number of stress related ailments as well as behavioral problems. The behavioral problems are number one reason for animals brought in to our society as the owners often do not know how to deal with these problems and unfortunately we do not have many animal behavior specialists at our disposal. On the other end of the scale we deal with many abused animals and these have a desperate need for safety and security. This however is very difficult to achieve in a large kennel facility since it is noisy at the best of times and I have found that one or two unsettled dogs will upset the rest and this leads to a vicious circle of barking and stress.

When Jonathan came to see me I showed him a black Cocker Spaniel Bitch of about three years old who had been in our kennel facility for about a month and was severely stressed. Our attempts at alleviating the stress was helping but it was gradually becoming worse. She would bark non-stop and literally chew the paint off the walls of her kennel. We introduced another dog as a companion for "Jessica" but she would continue to bark and gnaw at the wall. I told Jonathan that I would firstly test the cd in the kennel block where Jessica was kept to see if it would have any effect on her. All I can say was WOW...after playing the cd for about an hour Jessica appeared to have calmed down and was quietly lazing in the sun, she looked up at me and then returned to her nap not a care in the world. I must just explain our kennel situation to give you some background information. We have an outdoor kennel facility with seven kennel blocks. In general when there is no human movement between the buildings it is peaceful and quiet but, the minute there is any movement the all start barking and the noise level is unbearable. When I played the cd in Jessica's kennel block all the dogs in that kennel block appeared relaxed and calm. I actually couldn't believe my eyes. I walked to the next kennel block and the dogs started barking, this usually would lead to all the others in our facility barking. I then walked back to Jessica's block and again peaceful and quiet, they did not react to the other dogs barking. I did this exercise a number of times and had the same result every time.

I must admit I am a bit of a skeptic, so the next day I didn't play the cd and Jessica was back to chewing and barking and so was all the others in her kennel block. At about mid-day I turned it back on and went to check on the dogs after approximately and hour. Same effect calm and lazing in their kennels. This really opened my eyes. Jessica was adopted during that time and I was over the moon. Nobody wants to adopt a stressed out hysterical dog but a friendly calm and well behaved dog easily gets adopted. Anything that aids us in finding good homes for the animals in our care is worth it. (It also contributes to alleviating our stress as staff because seeing an animal that has suffered go to a new home gives us hope and encourages us to continue)

Next I tested the cd on animals in our clinic pre and post-operatively. Normally we collect all the adopted animals and they go into the clinic where they are placed in holding cages and are "prepped" for sterilization. They normally bark non-stop, try to fight with others in adjacent cages, and are visibly stressed (fear of the unknown) I presume. By playing the cd early morning before they start prepping and throughout their time spent in the clinic I have seen a vast improvement in stress levels in these animals they are definitely calmer and definitely less vocal. I have physically seen the effect on the animals and I am a believer! I see great potential in this and I really feel that the anything that could benefit animals is to our advantage, not to mention what this could mean to pet owners.

Kind Regards
Winnie Swanepoel
Garden Route SPCA